Societal Decadence

Round and round we go, here we go, on the journey of boisterous lost souls…

Babies having babies, taught, in taboo, to stay away from the drug called sex,
Yet, we don’t keep them out of harms way, preparing them for what’s next,
As we pay cable companies to baby-sit everyday,
And let them explore the internet and magazine aisles; they lose their way.
Boys and girls, formed and fitted by the hand of God, created to be royalty,
But wanting to fit in, they fall short, creating bridges of wrong loyalty.
Boys aspiring to be ‘cool’, sexing many girls, not knowing what’s in store,
Girls succumb, give their bodies away – then crushed as they’re now a whore.
These boys and girls, giving themselves away in the name of love,
Not realizing it’s lust they’re truly slipping their fingers into like a glove.
Many adults condemn them, but not themselves for allowing culture to slip,
And perpetuate the issue teaching hopelessness, causing the youth to trip,
Teaching they’re evolved animals, so they’re purpose is reproduction in truth,
Thus, we have millions of broken homes filled with broken-hearted youth!

Round and round we go, here we go, on the journey of boisterous lost souls…

A bullet rips through the brilliant mind of a teacher, shot by their student,
As this student felt this teacher didn’t care and saw him as imprudent,
Having started, he continues his rage, shooting the kids who are smarter,
The situation is unbelievable, unexpected and it continues to grow tarter,
The student that said he was a good-for-nothing he made part of the disposal,
And the young lady that said no to his movie night proposal,
Screams pour from the room into the hallway with the guns every fiery flash,
And in the room, tears upon the floor ever the greater splash;
Another takes a bullet for the day she knocked a pencil off of his desktop,
And then this young man shoots a student for yelling “Please Sam, stop!”.
How could this be; bad parenting, video games and violent TV?
Or was it from his science class where this young man began to see,
He had no purpose to his life as he evolved from an ape,
Realizing in this doctrine he was simply an animal; his mind took shape,
Tired of being put down, he chose to put himself at the top of the food chain,
Then sirens filled the room from the outside; realizing this was all in vain.
In pools of blood around the room, one was severely wounded and ten dead,
Gazing with tears in his eyes, he let the last bullet fly through his own head.

Round and round we go, here we go, on the journey of boisterous lost souls…

A brand new baby girl, full of beauty and grace,
Her face kisses the air for the first time, as she just starts this life’s race,
She cries her first known tears; troubled, yet she’s been anticipating this day.
Pain rips the back of her head – screams loudly not knowing the words to say.
Not fully out of her mother yet the pain grows worse and she screams more – Never knowing for her life what she had in store –
A cold metal rod shoves into the new hole in her head’s back,
The doctor stirred the rod around and then everything faded to black,
Liquefied brains pour out of the hole, streaming like a faucet,
Her mother – for the moment only – deeply relieved that she now lost it.
This child now found herself lying in the arms of a man clothed in white,
She stopped crying, laying in peace looking into His fiery eyes burning bright,
Noticing tears starting to flow down His face,
He spoke, “Precious daughter of mine, you are so beautiful in your white lace,
You are safe in my arms now; I’ll deal with them in time’s perfect pace.”

Round and round we go, here we go, on the journey of boisterous lost souls…

© 2010
All Rights Reserved

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  1. Heavy.

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