Foul Smells and Lamentations

I wanted to share an observation I recently had. It’s speculative and not doctrinal in nature, but I believe it’s something to think through. I was thinking about the current condition of our country (as I often do) and it struck me again just how much violence is in our land. Specifically, how much innocent blood is shed in this country. Just think about how many young people are killed each day in schools, out in the streets, and, most of all, in abortion clinics. If you don’t think abortion is that extreme, here is a quick look at it. In 2005 within the African-American community, there were more babies aborted then there were deaths from heart disease, cancer, stroke, accidents, diabetes, homicide, and chronic lower respiratory diseases combined. These other seven, not counting abortion of course, were the seven leading causes of death within that community that year. Here are the numbers: 203,991 abortions versus 198,385 of the combined seven (the total number of legal induced abortions for that year in the US was 820,151 according to CDC’s website). This is staggering! What makes it worse is that this is just one example of the bigger picture of innocent blood that is flowing in our nation. The morning I was thinking about this, it was that word that struck me; flowing. We have innocent blood flowing in our nation like a mighty river. So then, I began to think about the Nile River and God turning all of the water in Egypt into blood (Exodus 7.19). Put yourself back in Egypt at that time. What would it have been like to see the water in Egypt turn into blood? How would you respond? What would it smell like? I’m sure it was quite a foul smell! One important difference to this connection: the blood in our nation isn’t transformed water and it’s not God’s doing but has come from our own hands. Then, something else struck me relating to innocent blood. I began to think about what happened to Able when Cain murdered him. What did Able’s blood do? It cried out to the Lord (Genesis 4.10). The voice of Able’s life (the voice of his blood) was crying out to the Lord from the ground…what a thought! If innocent blood cries out to the Lord, how loud must our nation be! I wonder if this had any impact on Cain’s spirit; not that he literally heard the voice of his brother’s blood, but I bet his spirit was sensing the blood crying out. Here’s the impact for us: considering the above, is it any wonder why our nation seems to be so consumed with covering up odors. We are consumed with fragrances; from soaps, shampoos, lotions, sprays, candles, etc. Just think about how many different fragrances you put on to get ready for work. Your shampoo, then your soap, then lotion, followed by hair products and deodorant. Possibly even some kind of cologne or perfume. We’re around 5 or 6 fragrances by the time you get dressed! Now, let’s look at the noise around us. How many of us cannot even fall asleep in silence? If it’s not the TV, then we have music playing. If not music, we have a fan going, etc. We are almost afraid of silence anymore! Think about it, when was the last time you simply sat in silence for any length of time. I’m sure some of this is cultural conditioning, but I don’t think we can solely pin-it on our cultural upbringing. Besides, why did these aspects of culture begin in the first place? Maybe this is also one of the causes for our lack of spiritual sight. It’s hard to feel God’s presence because it’s so foul and loud around us! Indeed, why would he want to come and fellowship in such a place! Praise him for his abounding mercy! The land itself is crying out against us; judgment and justice will not continually be abated (Numbers 35.33-34; Leviticus 18.24-30; Romans 8.19-22). Think of all the innocent blood that has been shed in this nation, beginning with every broken treaty made with the Native Americans and the strange fruit swinging from trees all around this country in times past. Unfortunately, we have not learned from the past and the amount of innocent blood flowing around this nation has only increased decade after decade. The foul smell and lamentation of innocent blood is rising all around us and the land is crying out for justice. We can turn the music up as loud as we want and we can light as many scented candles as we want, but the truth is around us and we will not be left guiltless! Again, this connection is speculative and I wouldn’t make a doctrine out of it. However, even if the connection fails, the truth of rivers of innocent blood being shed all around us is certainly true and we must deal with this issue. After all, it is doctrinal that justice should be flowing like waters (Amos 5.24), not blood of innocent ones. Even if you try and take God out of the picture (which is an impossibility, mind you!), how can a nation survive and prosper when freedom is bound-up, family life is mocked, marriage is detested and redefined, and we kill our own babies while convincing ourselves they are not really people? Any nation that has adapted these ideologies has ceased to be a nation. Interesting how when you try to remove God from the picture, you cease to be a people. Will we learn from the past or keep thinking that this time it’s going to be different? People of God, let us humble ourselves and pray; repent (2 Chronicles 7.11-16; in context of his temple – his people [Ephesians 2.17-22; may we live in such a way])! God is not yet done! — Final thought on abortion and particularly how it becomes ill to a nation: “The greatest destroyer of peace is abortion because if a mother can kill her own child, what is left for me to kill you and you to kill me? There is nothing between.” — Mother Teresa

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