Untitled Poem

3 February 2019

[Written at Lighthouse Assembly of God in Marion, IN during worship service.]

This world is corrupt, twisted in perversion,
Spewing poison, giving numerous false versions,
But purgin’ these lies are Jesus’ fiery eyes,
Making foolish the worldly wise, revealing the disguise,
Crushing the Lord of the Flies; truth is reality as he perceives,
He never changes like Autumn leaves and comes now as a soft breeze.
I implore you, please, to him bend your knee,
From your sins flee and turn to him with glee;
He will give you eyes to see, but make no mistake, he is holy, holy, holy!
And he is returning in force – wholly in glory – redeeming creation fully,
Every saint and bully will bow before his face,
With his eyes still burning some will embrace,
Others will hate, denying grace, seeking isolation at great pace!
Saints, let’s finish our race, knowing it’s worth it to chase his love,
As we are secure under the feathers of the Dove.

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