Update – New Posting Format

Hello everyone! Seems like I have been on a hiatus. Unfortunately, I have only been working like crazy which doesn’t leave much time – and certainly not energy – to write.




I am hoping to put into place a new format for posting. Hopefully this will give me good direction to be more consistent in what I want to accomplish along with providing enough variation to hit different interests.


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Here is the format:

  • Sunday | Homily
    • In the Anglican tradition within Christianity – of which I belong – there is a patten for four Scripture readings on Sundays. In some churches – such as The Table where I currently attend – they will typically take one or two of the Scriptures and deliver a sermon for about an hour. Another approach, is to deliver a homily which is typically, in my experience of churches, a shorter message and attempts to draw a lesson, or tie together, all of these Scriptures.
    • I am going to provide a “homily” type of post where I attempt to give some insights on the Scriptures for that week and on most weeks, tie them together!


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  • Monday | Poetry
    • I will share a poem, prose, etc. I will focus on original work, but will also periodically share work from other writers.


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  • Tuesday | Writing Prompt
    • There are a lot of writing prompts out there. I will pick a random writing prompt – or will take up a challenge any of you provide (including picture prompts) – and let it loose!


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  • Wednesday | From a Hat
    • Okay, so these topics will not be that random, but will be like a potpourri or freestyle. Things I want to hit on that will not fit into one of the other categories. Sarcastic, political, social, observation, religious, or other topics will go here. Who knows what you’ll get!



  • Thursday | Poetry; Part II
    • Just like Part I, but more!




  • Friday | 7-Word Stories
    • Let’s enjoy some short stories! I may post one or fifteen. We’ll see! Each Friday may be different.


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  • Saturday | Inspiration ~ Encouragement ~ Challenging Quotes
    • This day will be dedicated to things that I have heard or read throughout the week that captured me in one of the three ways in the title. I will not provide any commentary on these, but just list them out. They could even be things I disagree with, but respect it for what it is. If you are intrigued about why something caught my attention, feel free to ask!



Okay, now, it’s already Monday evening – I got some catching up to do! I will get there and – hopefully – stay on top of it after that. I am hoping to maintain this format until the end of the month and see if any changes will take place from there.

I would love to hear from you! Thoughts about this format or things you want to see?


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Currently Reading | 15 May 2019

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I have not read anything in a while! Oh, how I have missed books …



In January I began to really start working on writing and started building my blog page. Since then, I have met so many great writers on here! Your interactions have been a true blessing to me. Also, it gave me a different venue for reading and has refocused my need to consistently read. So, to you dear readers (writers!), thank you!



Two books that I am currently reading that are splittin’ my wig!



  • That Incredible Christian, by A. W. Tozer
    • This has just short essays that are oozing and overflowing with meaning.



  • The Great Divorce, by C.S. Lewis
    • My favorite author and this one is most intriguing! It’s a fictional story of a bus taking a trip from Hell to Heaven and the riders experiences. Very thought provoking indeed!



Hope your reading is going well too! Here are a few children books I have read to the kids recently that we have really enjoyed too!





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Protected: A Beautiful Bloom in a Place of Gloom

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